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The Studio - Stillwater, MN 55082

Makeup by Mindie is located just up the hill from beautiful downtown Stillwater, MN.

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I had so much fun at my first visit with Mindie Makeuup! She’s so talented 💋

Makeup by Makeup by Mindie

Got my makeup done today at makeup by mindie

Thank you so much Makeup by Mindie!

Thank you Makeup by Mindie for the FANTASTIC makeovers! We look hawt ❤️😘

Thank you Mindie Makeuup (Makeup by Mindie)

Bachelorette party!

s/o to Mindie Makeuup for making me feel like a queen for prom 😊

Thanks Makeup by Mindie for some crazy awesome gorgeous makeup!

Thank you @makeupby_mindie  I love!!!

Thanks ladies for making me look beautiful and for a fun afternoon hanging out with the both of you!

Thanks Mindie Makeuup!

Best glam squad ever!

I couldn’t be happier and will book her in the future.

Thank you, thank you so much Mindie !! I am going to rock this photoshoot now because of you

Got our glam on this morning for our prom VIP event! Thank you @makeupby_mindie for getting us ready!

I don’t usually post selfies but I was pampered today for my birthday by Makeup by Mindie & Hair By Theresa and I honestly couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, they did such an amazing job! Thanks ladies for making my day 🙂

Thank you Mindie for making me feel like a princess on my birthday!


Senior pictures today!

Thank you Mindie  for working your magic for our Labor day shenanigans

Saturday Night!!! Girl time!!

1st time getting my makeup professionally done! Makeup by Mindie is FABULOUS! couldn’t ask for a better glam experience:)

So….make up by Mindie Mindie is amazing!

Today was day for Melissa. I love it!

BIRTHDAY MAKEUP BY ZEEEE BEST IN THE BUSINESS <3! We had SO much fun at our Makeup/Photoshoot Giveaway by @makeupby_mindie today!!! Not only is Mindie so unbelievably talented at what she does- she is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable & gorgeous!

my make up is on point thanks to @makeupby_mindie

What a wonderful start to our day!! Thank you MINDIE!!!! Woohoo

Love when my daughter gets a little spoiling!!

Thanks to Mindie Makeuupp Streich for my makeup!

Thank you Makeup by Mindie making me look beautiful for my Headshot!

thank you Mindie @mindie_makeup

@mindie_makeup you are INCREDIBLE!! I am so excited to have found you for our big day!!

Wedding day #makeupbymindie

Ready for the wedding 🙂


Makeup! Check!

Had my make up done for our engagement photos! Thanks so much Mindie! You are simply amazing!

Makeup by Mindie

By the best, Makeup by Mindie!

No filter necessary. Mindie is ABSOLUTELY the best makeup artist! #makeupbymindie

Makeup by Mindie! 🙂

Okay I’m slightly still obsessed with my photo shoot makeup last Saturday! She did such an amazing job, pure talent. #ifeelpretty

With Makeup by Mindie


My Glam Squad from MN is seriously EPIC!!!

Credit goes to Mindie Makeuupp!

I have never gotten my makeup done, so treated myself today for a friend’s wedding tonight. LOVE what Mindie did- looks amazing. Highly recommend her if you’re in the cities and need your makeup done.

Shout out to @Makeupby_Mindie @Mindie_Makeup for doing my makeup today!!

Paint for today’s shoot thanks to Mindie Makeup!

Thank you Mindie Makeuupp Streich! You really make a lady feel purdy! Xoxo need makeup done for any reason, Mindie from Makeup by Mindie in Stillwater, MN is amazing. I love working with some of the best ladies in the area!

Got my makeup done today! Thanks #MakeupbyMindie

Thank you so much for coming out to do our makeup on Saturday! I’ve never self so beautiful in my life. You are absolutely fabulous!

Thanks @Makeupby_Mindie! Our makeup was a hit like always!

Wahoo bridal makeup trial was a success! Bride and beautiful Bridesmaid

#Photoshoot! Thanks @Makeupby_Mindie

My cousin is the best makeup artist ever!

Thanks for doing my makeup Saturday Mindie! It lasted throughout the entire concert! You are the best!

I feel lovely!

Thanks Mindie for painting my face! @Makeupby_Mindie

Love my makeup!!! Thank you Mindie #nofilter

Got a spray tan and my makeup done! So fun!

Makeup done by Mindie Makeuupp so pleased with her work – thank you Mindie!!

Shoutout to my awesome makeup sponsor @Makeupby_Mindie for making me feel beautiful for my pre-pageant  party! Check her out for pageants/wedding makeup or for photoshoots, she is seriously talented!

#feelinpretty #makeupbymindie

#meow #fakelashes #makeup Thanks @Mindie_Makeup #lovelovelove

Please do my makeup everyday @Makeupby_Mindie! You are amazing!

#makeupbymindie #love #selfie

#makeupbymindie did such an #awesome #job

Got my makeup done for our maternity pictures today!! #Makeupbymindie

OBSESSED with makeup by Mindie!

I feel pretty! #makeupbymindie

Makeup done by @makeupby_mindie for Katie’s wedding, I’m in love #makeupbymindie

Makeup after @Makeupby_mindie on saturday! Everyone loved it! #makeupbyminde

Girls day with Anni. #MakeupbyMindie

The best day is one with #nofilter! Thank you so so @Makeupby_Mindie for the flawless work you did this morning!

Everyone looked so good and loved there makeup Thank you @Makeupby_mindie !

My make up for my senior pictures was on point! #makeupbymindie

Being silly is always fun! @ #Makeupbymindie

Bridal trial before and after by Mindie #MakeupbyMindie #nofilter @Makeupby_Mindie I am obsessed!

Fun at Mindie’s makeup studio! @Makeupby_Mindie #makeupbymindie

Thanks for all the nice words. I can’t take all the credit, Mindie did my makeup!

Makeup done Now concert time! thanks @Makeupby_Mindie!!!

Laughing at myself taking a #selfie but I look so beautiful thanks to @Makeupby_Mindie

If you ever need your makeup done, I highly suggest going to Makeup by Mindie! #SummerSeniorPictures

On point 🙂 #makeupbymindie

My makeup and spray tan for a fun photoshoot by two beautiful women inside and out #makeupbymindie #deesspraytan

Thank you for doing my #makeup @Makeupby_mindie!!

My makeup up was done by @Makeupby_Mindie I would highly recommend her!

One happy girl! Love my makeup! Thank you Mindie Makeuupp!

I am so so so in love with my makeup! Thank you SO much Mindie!!

Just got my makeup done here for my 16th, I feel like a princess!!  She is AMAZING!

Makeup did! Thank you Mindie! #nofilter

Bridal trial today!!

No filter, just pure talent. Thank you @mindie_makeup!!

Mindie does amazing work:)

Thank you @makeupby_mindie for doing my make up today!!! I love it 🙂 

Got makeup done at Makeup by Mindie

We had so much fun getting our make up done today!!!

Thanks Mindie!

My makeup yesterday- thanks Mindie!

She did such an amazing job on my make up yesterday!!

Don’t have to use filter! loved my makeup from today. Credit to @makeupby_mindie

Makeup done for family photo day!

Feeling fabulous today. Thank you @makeupby_mindie

Best makeup artist ever! @mindie_makeup. Thanks so much:-)

OBSESSED with my makeup!! Thankyou @mindie_makeup !!!!!
#iwokeuplikedis #nowthatstalent

Thank you Mindie (Makeup by Mindie) for doing my makeup today and taking a few headshots for me!!

Rocking Makeup By Mindie

Makeup done! Thanks Mindie!

Hanging out with Mindie today!

Wow! 🙂 Makeup done! #makeupbymindie @makeupby_mindie

Adorbs in Mindies selfie booth!!!!

I felt so beautiful for my wedding day!

Thanks Mindie!!

Bridal/engagement pic shoot makeup trial. Thanks to Mindie for her fabulous work!

Thank You Again Mindie . You did an amazing job!

Thanks Mindie for always making me feel beautiful on all the most important days in my life… your the best.

Mindie thank you for making us look and feel so beautiful for my big wedding day! We received so many compliments on our makeup!

Spoiled myself! Thanks Mindie for beautifying me!

Absolutely love my makeup! Thanks a ton Min

I absolutely LOVED my makeup for our wedding reception! Thank you Mindie!

THANK YOU Mindie you did a wonderful job!

We love our Mindie! #MakeupbyMindie


Goin’ rocker chic Min ALWAYS nails it! Thanks lady for making me feel amazing! #selfieboothisawesome

A year ago, Mindie did my make-up for a scholarship dinner and I’m happy to say she did it again today! Who knew it would lead to having a beauty college roomie Ready for tonight!

Had so much fun getting my makeup done yesterday with the girls

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